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Nom de la Danse Chorégraphe Pot commun Niveau Descriptif Video Apprise le
 UNCHAIN MY HEART Dee Musk   Nov video  
 UNDER THE SUN Khaty Chang & Sue Hsu   Deb video  
 UNDER THIS OLD HAT Guylaines Bourdages   Deb (32t) video Mars 2020
 UNDIVIDED Agnès Gautier & Patricia Moynet (2021)   Nov(32T2M) video Mars 2021
 UNTAMED Magali Chabret PCSO 2016 Int video  
 UNTIL THE DAWN Gary Lafferty PCSO 2016 Deb video  
 UPSIDE DOWN Magali Chabret   Deb video  


Nom de la Danse Choregraphe Pot commun Niveau Descriptif Video Apprise le
 VICTORY Christiane Favilliers (2019)   NOv-32t video Nov 2019


Nom de la Danse Chorégraphe Pot commun Niveau Descriptif Video Apprise le
 WANNA GETCHA Severine FIllion (2020) PCNA 2020 Deb+ video Dec 2020
 WAVE ON WAVE Alan Birchall   Nov video  
 WAYFARING STRANGER Joyce Nicholas   Deb video  
 WE ARE ONE D.Albro-R.Fowler-D.Villeras-SD-Staiti-(2020)   Int (64t-1R) video MAI 2020
 WE ONLY LIVE ONCE Robbie McGowan Hickie   Int video  
 WE WENT Maggie Gallagher,   Deb video  
 WEST COAST TULSA Javier Rodriguez Gallego   Nov video  
 WHEN YOU SMILE JM Belloque Vane && Roy Verdonk(2019) PCNA 2020 Deb video Nov 2020
 WHERE WE'VE BEEN Lana Harvey-Wilson PCSO 2015 Int video  
 WHITE WHISKY Chrystel Durand, TexasVal, Séverine Fillion   Int video Dec 2018
 WHOLE AGAIN Sue Johnstone   Nov video  
 WILD NIGHTS Dan Albro,   Int video  
 WILD STALLION Hillbilly Rick   Int video  
 WILL TO TRY Bruno Morel PCSO 2017 Nov video Nov 2017
 WINNING STREAK Francoise Guillet PCSO 2017 Int video Avril 2018
 WINTERGREEN Maggie Gallagher (2019) PCNA 2020 Int video Nov 2020
 WOMAN AMEN Rob Fowler   Int video Nov 2018
 WONDER Rob fowler   Int video Nov 2018
 WHAT MAKES YOU COUNTRY Rob Holley (jan 2019)   Deb (32t) video Oct 2019
 WHY DON'T YOU Severine Fillion (2019) PCSO 2019 Deb (32t) video Oct 2019

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